Water & Sanitary Sealing Applications | Trelleborg

Water & Sanitary Sealing Applications

Depending on the specific application, seals perform numerous critical functions in the potable water and sanitary industry; from conserving and regulating the flow of water to preventing contamination or leakage.

The broad range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products feature in numerous demanding and critical applications:

Pumps and valves

Pumps and Valves for Water and Wastewater

Custom seals for water pumps and flushing systems 

Application: Pumps and valves for water and wastewater flow

Seals play a crucial role in valves and pumps ensuring that water is available when and where needed, at the same time guaranteeing that no leakage occurs or excess water is wasted.



Rotary Seals, Diaphragms, Custom Molded Parts

Our engineers work with our customers to design, test and identify a sealing solution which meets expectations, thereby minimizing downtime and improving maintenance cycles.

Water Filtration

Seals for Water Filtration

Materials to comply with global standards 

Application: Water filter for commercial and residential water treatment systems



O-RingsCustom O-Rings and Custom Molded Parts

Together with our customers, we at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develop products specific for your water filtration system, working side-by-side to develop and test the materials to meet your application requirements.

For your water filtration application, we offer custom solutions and molded parts, including washers, flow valves and duckbills to control and restrict the flow of water and in some cases to prevent the backflow of water.

Read more about our material development and testing capabilities.

Water fixtures

Water Fixtures: Showers and Faucets

Custom sealing solutions for your application 

Application: Water fixtures

Within a faucet or showerhead, there are several sealing components. Seals are used to regulate the flow of water, to mix hot and cold waters and also to control the flow of water coming out.



Depending on your specific application needs, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a range of products:

  • O-Rings
  • LSR Custom molded parts: our flashless molding capabilities ensure a high level of quality and consistency
  • Two-component parts: designed with the customer, two-component parts are leak-proof as they are fully bonded and ease the assembly, production and service processes
  • Customer-specific solutions

Water Heater

Seals for Water Heaters

Optimum fit and long service life are crucial

Application: Water Heater


  • Tight fit to ensure no leakage
  • Low force
  • Long service life
  • Single material with wide tolerance range


O-Rings and Custom Molded Parts

Our water heater sealing solutions are developed with intense in-house testing and engineering with the aid of FEA to meet all our customers’ requirements and relevant standards.

Water irrigation

Seals for Water Irrigation

Extending seal life with optimized materials and design

Application: Water irrigation for domestic and professional use

Sealing solutions for water irrigation applications aim to conserve and regulate the flow of water in low-flow valves.



Homogeneous and fabric reinforced diaphragms, O-Rings

Our material development experts work to identify the optimum materials to meet environmental condition and durability requirements. Together with the FEA and product design teams, customized solutions are developed to meet all of your requirements.