Global Manufacturing Capabilities for Seals | Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

International excellence in production

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has over 24 strategically located manufacturing facilities on four continents. Manufacturing locations specialize in a single product group or type, whether it be seals in proprietary Turcon® or Zurcon® materials, exclusive product designs in our unique range of elastomers, including the ground-breaking Isolast® perfluoroelastomer, or bearings in market leading Orkot®, Luytex® or Turcite.

Our world renowned manufacturing names

We own many of the longest established and leading names within the seal industry. These include:
  • American Variseal: spring-energized and radial lip Turcon® seals
  • Dowty Seals: high-performance elastomer based sealing products
  • Forsheda: rotary sealing systems including V-Rings® and Cassette Seals
  • Impervia: specialized aerospace sealing systems
  • Orkot: advanced composite bearing materials
  • Palmer Chenard: diaphragms reinforced with engineered textiles
  • Polypac: sealing systems for heavy-duty hydraulic applications
  • Nordex: innovative compact hydraulic and pneumatic seals in polyurethane
  • Shamban: advanced sealing systems in Turcon® (PTFE based materials) and other engineered plastics
  • Silcofab: gaskets and moldings from heat-cured silicone rubber
  • Skega: premium O-Rings, sealing plates and custom-designed seals
  • Stefa: radial shaft seals for demanding environments
  • Wills: Wills Rings®, Turcon® Variseal® and Turcon® Varilip® PDR rotary shaft seals